Advantages and disadvantages of water-based adhesives, solvent-based adhesives, and hot melt adhesives

Advantages and disadvantages of water-based, solvent-based and hot melt adhesives:


Water-based adhesives: low cost, non-flammable, non-toxic solvent, wide range of solid content, wide viscosity range, high concentration of high molecular weight materials, adjustable permeability and wettability

Solvent-based adhesives: Water resistance, drying rate and wide open time, high initial tack strength or stickiness, easy to wet some difficult-to-stick surfaces

Hot Melt Adhesive: Packing and freight cost per unit material is low, no freezing, no drying and drying equipment, easy to bond impermeable surface, rapid adhesive strength, good storage stability, continuous film, water resistance, no Through the water vapor.


Water-based adhesives: poor water resistance, freezing, fabric shrinkage, wrinkling or curling of the paper, contamination of certain metalware, corrosion of certain metals, slow drying, poor electrical properties.

Solvent-based adhesives: Inflammable and explosive, hazardous to health, require special explosion-proof and ventilation equipment.

Hot melt adhesive: It needs special application equipment, viscosity and temperature limit make the strength limited, it will decompose under continuous heating, and the control of glue amount is poor, and it may need to preheat the adherend.

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