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Metal Processing Online News On May 12-15, 2013, the 2013 China Climbing Technology and Equipment Seminar with the theme of “Development and Innovation” was held at Suzhou Zhuhui Hotel. The meeting was organized by Metal Processing Magazine, Beijing. Sponsored by Liji Culture Communication Co., Ltd., supported by BLECH China (Maybus (Shanghai) Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.), which brings advanced processing technology and development from home and abroad to the background of BLECH China 2013 exhibition. everyone.

At the meeting, Xu Zhenghong of Yizheng Shenwei Stamping Co., Ltd. gave a speech on the theme of “China's automobile stamping parts industry development direction” and pointed out the upgrading direction of the automobile stamping industry:

First, the difficulty of upgrading the automotive stamping parts industry

Due to the late start of China's automobile industry, most of the automobile stamping parts enterprises are small in scale and weak in technical strength. There are many difficulties in upgrading the stamping parts industry:

1. The OEMs are still accustomed to the fixed-point supporting development mode for stamping products, and the stamping enterprises lack the environment and capability for independent design and development of parts;

2. Except for Baosteel and other steel enterprises that can produce high-strength steel plates, ultra-high-strength steel plates and hot-formed steel plates all rely on imports;

3. Domestic hot forming presses, hot forming dies, servo presses, heavy duty multi-station presses, fast crossbar conveyor systems, etc. are still in the blank or initial stage;

4. High-value-added auto parts such as thermoforming and internal high-pressure bulging are mostly monopolized by international auto parts giants;

5. The existing equipment of the enterprise is outdated, and the high-energy, low-efficiency hydraulic press has a large share;

6. New equipment and new production lines have low investment capacity and poor financing environment.

Second, the external environment of stamping parts enterprises:

1. Iron and steel enterprises, stamping equipment enterprises, and science and technology institutes jointly accelerate the research and development of high-strength plates, hot-formed steel plates, new stamping technologies, and new stamping production equipment. As soon as new materials, new stamping technologies, new stamping production Breakthrough in equipment, breaking the foreign technology blockade, providing favorable technical conditions for the upgrading of stamping enterprises in China;

2. The stamping equipment industry should accelerate the popularization of stamping automation knowledge and the cultivation of talents; accelerate the development of new technologies and new equipment, and continuously improve product quality; attach great importance to the automatic upgrade and transformation services of existing stamping equipment in the parts and components industry, and help stamping enterprises fully tap The potential of existing stamping equipment resources; should actively raise funds through multi-channels such as striving for financial support from the state, introducing private capital, etc., and establish a stamping equipment finance company similar to the automobile finance company to provide loan services for the automation upgrade of stamping equipment for auto parts and small enterprises. .

Third, the internal development of stamping parts enterprises:

1. Stamping parts enterprises should strengthen the introduction and cultivation of talents, strengthen product quality control, standardize internal construction of enterprises, and train the basic skills of enterprises themselves;

2. Stamping parts enterprises should, according to the scale and products of the company, use the business to drive the technological upgrading of the enterprise, increase the investment introduction of new materials, new processes and new equipment for stamping, and maximize the use of new technologies for existing stamping equipment. Automated transformation and upgrading;

3. For the phenomenon that the assembly of the automaker is becoming more and more obvious, the stamping parts should be combined with the mold and component welding enterprises, and the enterprise combination of die-welding and welding will be formed to form the development of the mold fixture-part production-assembly. The complete industrial chain of supply, integrate technical business resources, broaden the scope of services, strengthen the development of independent products, and enhance the ability to withstand market risks.


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