Characteristics of inorganic coatings What are the advantages of inorganic coatings?

The decoration materials are indispensable when we are decorating, and we pay great attention to the environmental protection of the decoration materials when we choose. Inorganic coatings are one of the decoration materials, because they don't know about it, we don't know how to choose when we choose. So, do you know what the characteristics of inorganic coatings are? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the characteristics and advantages of inorganic coatings !


Characteristics of inorganic coatings

1. Petrochemical action

The secret of American Smith's inorganic coatings is its petrochemical interaction with mineral substrates (chemically combined to form a waterproof and acid-proof silicate rock)

2, non-combustible

American Smith's inorganic coatings have inorganic properties, and their temperature resistance is particularly good. They not only burn at a high temperature of 1200 ° C, but also are flame retardant.

3, breathability

American Smith's inorganic coatings are water-repellent and highly respirable, allowing the water inside the stone building to freely evaporate outward. At the same time, it has the filtering effect of alkali substances, which can prevent the coating from bubbling, generating thermal burst and scaling. And the shortcomings of alkali pollution after construction.

4, aseptic and moss breeding

Because of its inorganic nature (no nutrients), American Smith's inorganic coatings prevent the growth of fungi and moss, and have the characteristics of alkali - (killing mossy cells) and high respiration, keeping the surface of the building dry.

6, environmental protection

American · Smith's inorganic coatings are resistant to acid, so they are not affected by industrial emissions and exhaust emissions from automobiles. The accumulation of dirt without the generation of static electricity attracts dust can be reduced many times.

7. Protecting the ecology

American Smith's inorganic coatings have the nature of inorganic substances. They do not contain any organic chemical raw materials or solvents. They are odorless and non-allergenic during production and application, and are beneficial to the environment and ecology.


Advantages of inorganic coatings

1, unique quality

It consists of a mineral binder, liquid potassium silicate (which has a structural form and hardness similar to that of naturally occurring crystals), with mineral fillers and inorganic color pigments.

2, the role of petrochemical

The coating and the bottom layer (priming, concrete, natural stone, etc.) produce a mineral insoluble solid compound that is permanently integrated into the base layer. The cross section of the bottom layer shows this petrification, also known as "silication."

3, does not fade

Put it in high-intensity ultraviolet radiation - the equivalent of a year's natural weather, its color does not show any signs of change. This test method highlights this feature.

4, waterproof and breathable

Thus water between the coating and the bottom layer which causes bursts and cracks is prevented. In this way, the bottom layer will maintain a high degree of reliability, and the permeability of the building structure is also ensured, so that the coating does not bubble and does not peel off. 5, air pollution inorganic coatings are resistant to acid production, and are not affected by pollutants; at the same time protect the bottom layer from the corrosion of air pollutants, such as sulfuric acid. Since it does not contain a plastic resin component, the coating does not electrostatically adsorb dust particles in the air.

We all want to choose environmentally friendly paint to decorate our own home, and inorganic paint is our good choice. The above is the characteristics and advantages of the inorganic coatings introduced by Xiaobian today. It is over here. If you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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