Correct color matching method for latex paint

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Most commonly used latex paints are mainly white and light, dark paints are relatively small, and are mostly used in special parts or exterior walls. Architectural paint production plants produce white paints and paints colored with color paste. Usually, when the white paint is prepared, the paint of the required color can be self-adjusted, and the color paste having a fineness lower than the fineness of the finished paint can be purchased and prepared by itself. The coloring steps are as follows:

1. Analyze and find the color paste category required for the formulated colored coating.

2. Slowly add the required color paste under stirring. After adding a color paste, mix well and add the second one. Sample at any time and compare with the sample. Need to be reminded that the dry and wet film color difference of latex paint is large, dry film is darker than wet film, so pay attention to the same conditions to ensure that the color tone of the paint is consistent.

3, the color should be in the first anti-deep, and then look for the principle of color, the dark color paste to avoid the formula is too much error.

4, the color paste is easy to produce precipitation, should be stirred before use before color matching, so as to avoid too much error in the formula addition amount.

5, color coatings, no matter how much the amount of the best can be matched with the same tank, in order to avoid color difference, if a tank can be difficult to mix, it should be divided into batches, then mix the batch in the same proportion, stir evenly before use to ensure The color is uniform.

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