Dalan Motor Sharing Must See! The problem of three-phase asynchronous motor wiring should not be underestimated

For a three-phase asynchronous motor, the interface directly connected to the user terminal is the wiring system. The key components involved, such as connecting pieces, wiring boards, wiring studs, and wiring nuts, are all important to everyone but not fully understood. Today, the editor of Dalan Motor will discuss with you and bring these key parts together.

1. Terminal board insulator

Material conformity is very important. If some conductive foreign matter is mixed in the material, it will cause unnecessary electrical imbalance.

Second, the connection piece

Material, shape, and flatness can cause some problems. For example, in the current market for three-hole connecting plates that can be converted to angular star connections, many motor manufacturers have not considered the conductive area of ​​the middle hole position, but the manufacturers that have done relatively standard have considered this problem; for two-hole connecting plates When the motor is star-connected, three pillars and two pieces are used. However, if you do not add a gasket to the side pillar when installing the upper layer, the fact that the piece will not make good contact with the terminal will appear. For motors with large currents , There has also been the fact of ablation at this location.

3. Conductive column fixing nut

The reliability of the fixing nut embedded in the insulator is critical to the reliability of the wiring device. If the fixing nut is loose, it will inevitably lead to the fact that the contact resistance increases. The most direct is the ablation of the terminal block, which will affect the winding in severe cases.

4. Terminals

The material itself and the internal connection with the motor are very particular. For the standardized motor manufacturers, the cold pressure method is mostly used, but if the pressure is uncomfortable, it may also be broken or loose. Another key issue is the material of the terminal itself. The simplest way to check is that we can check the conformity of its material by bending. Bending but not breaking means that the material is better. If the material is brittle, it means that the material is more Big problem hidden danger.

Just as we always choose reliable or well-known electrical outlets, mobile phone charging lines and other household appliances, motor manufacturers will undoubtedly attach great importance to outsourcing motor components-wiring devices, the pursuit of reliability or critical moments will not come out problem.

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