Dalian Institute of Chemistry for the Synthesis of Formic Acid by Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide

Dalian Institute of Chemistry for the Synthesis of Formic Acid by Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide

Recently, Huang Yanqiang, researcher of the Institute of Aerospace and New Materials, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and associate researcher Yang Xiaofeng, in cooperation with Wang Xinkui, associate professor of Dalian University of Technology, have made new progress in the research of carbon dioxide hydrogenation for the synthesis of formic acid. Related research results are published online in Nature. Communications.

The synthesis of formic acid by hydrogenation of CO2 is an atomic economical reaction. Formic acid produced is an important chemical raw material and can be used as an ideal liquid hydrogen storage material. The carbon atom in CO2 molecule is in the highest valence state and its chemical properties are relatively inert. The effective activation of CO2 molecule is the key to achieve efficient CO2 conversion. The team designed a Schiff base-modified nanogold catalyst that generates a carbamate zwitterion from a weak interaction between the nitrogen center in the Schiff base group and CO2, and further hydrogenation reaction on the nanogold catalyst. Generate formic acid. The experimental results show that, unlike the traditional hydrogencarbonate hydrogenation pathway of heterogeneous catalysts, gas-phase CO2 can be directly converted to formic acid by Schiff base-modified gold catalysts. Formic acid is generated at 90°C and 8.0MPa reaction conditions. The number of conversions can reach 14,470 (12h). The weak interaction mode of Schiff base and CO2 provides a new way for the low-temperature activation of CO2.

The research work was supported by the national key R&D program, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Pilot Program and the National Natural Science Foundation.

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