easy to understand! Analysis of the cause of excessive iron loss in Y series three-phase asynchronous motor

In the motor test process, the fact that the iron loss is too large will occur from time to time. In addition to the design of the iron loss control, the manufacturing process control is particularly critical. The following Dalan motor Xiaobian uses the common Y series three-phase asynchronous motor to analyze the cause of the large iron loss of the motor.

When the input voltage is constant, the iron loss is basically fixed, and the copper loss of the stator is related to the load. The smaller the load, the smaller the loss. Therefore, when the motor is operated under light load conditions, the maximum loss is generally iron loss. Iron loss is one of the five major losses affecting the efficiency of the motor.

The magnetic flux in the motor flows on the iron core. The iron core has a magnetic resistance to the magnetic flux. Just like the conductor has current and resistance, it also generates heat. This loss is more than "hysteresis loss".

Because the core itself is also a conductor, an electric potential is induced in a plane perpendicular to the magnetic field lines. This potential forms a closed loop on the cross section of the core and generates a current, as if a vortex is called a "vortex." This "vortex" increases the loss of the transformer and increases the temperature rise of the motor's core heating motor. The loss caused by the "eddy current" is called "eddy current loss". Both hysteresis loss and eddy current loss are generated in the motor core, which is called "iron loss" or "iron loss":

Analysis of the reasons for the excessive core loss:

The quality of the silicon steel sheet is poor, or the grade of the silicon steel sheet is lower than the design requirement.

The insulation between the stator iron chips is not good, such as: The silicon steel sheet is not insulated or untreated, and the pressure when the iron core is laminated is too large, so that the insulation between the sheets is broken.

When the inner stator of the car is used or the groove is used, the iron chip and the piece are short-circuited.

The number of iron chips is insufficient and the weight is small (the iron length is insufficient).

The pressure is small when laminating, and the sheet and the sheet are not compacted (and the no-load current is large).

When the silicon steel sheet is painted too thick, the magnetic circuit is too saturated, and the relationship between the no-load current and the voltage is bent more severely.

When the winding is removed by fire or electric heating, the core is overheated, the magnetic permeability is deteriorated, and the insulation between the sheets is damaged (this is mainly caused by repairing the motor and repairing the stator during the production process).

Fixed rotor misalignment (this problem will occur simultaneously with large no-load current problems).

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