Electrolytic Aluminum Bath Temperature Measurement - Small Problem Affects Big Benefits

[China Aluminum Industry Network] Electrolytic aluminum bath temperature is an important indicator of aluminum electrolysis production, and it is one of the key parameters for production managers to understand the operating status of electrolytic baths.

At present, most manufacturers in the electrolytic aluminum industry in China are using artificial thermometers to measure the bath temperature manually. Since common thermometers have a time delay when measuring temperature, they need to have a good grasp of time when the temperature is measured. The time is short and the time is not accurate. Long damaged thermocouple. At the same time, since it is not possible for a person to determine how long an accurate cell temperature can be measured, the time required for the measurement is generally not reached. According to relevant data, the domestic aluminum plant tank temperature measurement values ​​are generally low 5 to 10 degrees Celsius, and some even lower 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, take this low temperature value to control the tank temperature, making the temperature control of the electrolytic tank is high , resulting in excess energy consumption, the temperature is increased by 10 degrees to increase the energy consumption of 2% to 3%, tank temperature measurement can be described as a small problem affecting the large benefits. How to get the true and accurate electrolyzer temperature is an important parameter of the electrolyzer control, and it is also an important part of the electro-aluminum production to further save energy and reduce consumption.

Accurately and accurately measuring the temperature of the electrolytic cell is of great significance for the entire electrolytic aluminum production control. First of all, the true and accurate bath temperature can reflect the status of the electrolytic cell, so that the production manager can adjust the electrolytic process according to the electrolytic cell conditions. This can effectively improve the electrolytic efficiency and extend the service life of the electrolytic cell. Secondly, it is true and accurate. The temperature of the electrolyzer can obtain true and accurate superheat, thus effectively controlling the temperature of the tank, reducing the power consumption per ton of primary aluminum, realizing further energy saving and emission reduction, and having high economic and social benefits.

At present, there are still many drawbacks in the electrolysis cell temperature measurement of electrolytic aluminum companies in China. First, the electrolysis bath temperature measurement work of each company did not form a unified process and unified standards; Second, the company's electrolysis bath temperature measurement tools are not the same, the thermometer model is different and there is no effective supervision link to confirm the temperature meter Data deviation; Third, after multiple uses of thermocouples, the temperature drift is relatively large and the accuracy of the measurement data cannot be guaranteed. Later, it is also more important that the entire tank temperature measurement work, including the measurement of temperature values, is performed by the measurement personnel. Completed, the introduction of human interference factors in the testing process, resulting in possible errors in the data.

The intelligent tank temperature measuring instrument has the function of automatic analysis and judgment of the heating process. It calculates the time constant of the temperature measurement process according to the curve of the initial stage of temperature increase, considers the delay time of the thermocouple, and calculates the temperature value of the electrolytic tank at the end, and then The combined determination of the measured values ​​determines the exact electrolytic cell temperature and achieves the purpose of accurately and rapidly measuring the temperature of the electrolytic cell. It has the following characteristics: Intelligent tank temperature measuring instrument is automatically calculated and compared to the final measurement of temperature value, the measured tank temperature data is true and reliable and has an automatic save function, eliminating the human interference (can not be manually modified). At present, all parts of the electrolytic aluminum bath temperature measurement process are completely artificially operated, and artificial arbitrariness is introduced, which becomes an uncontrollable factor in the measurement of the bath temperature. The supporting thermocouple is an intelligent thermocouple, with automatic calibration of deviation, data collection of the use process, and life Judgment and micro-short circuit judgement and other functions, to ensure the system error ≤ ± 1 °C. This is the function that other thermocouple does not have; The intelligent trough temperature measuring instrument has the trough number input record function, the trough temperature data corresponding trough number automatic preservation, the single person may complete the test and the record work, the work efficiency is high; The intelligent trough temperature gauge test The process is automated, saving time and manpower. It can be upgraded without increasing costs.

Electrolytic aluminum bath temperature measurement is one of the key links in the production of electrolytic aluminum. The accuracy of its measurement is related to all aspects of production, and it has a greater impact on output, energy consumption, product quality, material balance, equipment loss, and production management. Great influence. In the current situation of high cost of electrolytic aluminum, fine management of electrolytic aluminum production is carried out, and intelligent tank temperature measurement instrument is used to replace the existing general measurement instrument. The problem of inaccurate measurement of electrolytic aluminum tank temperature can not be solved without increasing input. This alone can save companies considerable energy costs each year.

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