Fine small apartment decoration should pay attention to what three small apartment decoration need to know the three details

The face of high prices, many buyers set their sights boutique small apartment, small apartment because of limited space, if renovation is not appropriate, it will make space becomes more crowded, leading to a subsequent uncomfortable living experience, repentant, then fine Small apartment decoration should pay attention to what issues? We will learn it right away.

First, boutique small apartment decoration notes - color taboo

1. Avoid blindly using dark walls

Many young people nowadays like to use dark colors for decoration, which is very fashionable. However, if a large number of dark colors are used in a small apartment space, people will feel a sense of pressure, but it will make people feel less space. Try to use light colors to make the space more spacious and feel more comfortable.

2, avoid blindly using bright colors

Bright colors will make people feel more spacious and spacious, but if you use bright colors in large areas, you will see the entire aperture completely transparent, and it is easy to cause visual fatigue.

II. Precautions for the decoration of fine small-sized houses - reasonable planning and layout

1, avoid overfilling

The small apartment space is relatively small, proper storage can achieve space-saving and extend the visual effect, but the use should be reasonable, if excessive storage will lead to more dense and crowded space, giving people a sense of oppression.

2, socket should be sufficient

Although the small-sized apartment has a small space, the daily living needs cannot be reduced. The small-sized apartment is basically occupied by young people or working-class people, and the demand for electronic accessories is relatively large. Therefore, there must be sufficient outlets in the decoration design to ensure people's needs.

III. Precautions for decoration of small-sized boutique houses - Do not modify the construction materials easily

1, should not be easily dismantled and modified spatial structure

The decoration structure of boutique small-sized houses is more complex. We cannot modify bearing walls, air ducts, launches, and circuits in order to expand space. This will affect the overall structure of the floors.

2, should not use bricklaying partition

When building a small apartment, try not to use a wall partition, otherwise it will cause the space to look narrow. Glass partitions can be used to make the space twice as big as it is; or it can be partitioned with carved plates, and it can be kept apart. If it is looming, the space is more transparent and the light is better. There is also a floor cabinet + bead curtain partition is also very good practice, in addition to the role of the partition cabinet, there are storage functions, books, shoes, small items can be placed here. Beaded curtains add a romantic touch. And because it is transparent, it won't make the space dull and depressed.

The article is summarised: The small-sized apartment decoration notices for everybody introduce to here, although the small family space is relatively small, but as long as we pay attention to space collocation and combination in the decoration design, this can let your fine small apartment decoration to appear more beautiful Warm.

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