Frequent fire accidents in electric vehicles teach you how to prevent fire

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In recent years, electric bicycles such as electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, and electric tricycles have become an important tool for people to travel by their economical and convenient features. The number of electric vehicles has grown rapidly. However, due to parking, charging is not standardized, and technical issues, electric vehicle fire accidents have taken on a number of trends, causing major losses to people's lives and property.

When does electric vehicle fire generally occur?

Zhenjiang Fire told everyone that more than half of electric vehicle fires during the night occurred during the nighttime charging process. According to past cases, electric vehicle fire accidents generally occur when charging at night. Many people are recharged in corridors. This time period is often when people are asleep. Even if they are found, there is often no time to escape. The electric car was placed inside the corridor and cut off the escape route directly. The test of electric vehicle burning proves that once the electric vehicle is burned, the poisonous smoke rapidly rises at a speed of 1 meter per second , so the first floor of the electric vehicle catches fire, which will quickly lead to a state of poisonous smoke in the entire building, which can easily cause casualties. Even group deaths and fire accidents.

What is the cause of frequent fires in electric vehicles?

1 , the aging of the electric vehicle line for a long time, the car's connection line is easy to aging, short circuit. If the wire in the car is short-circuited and the external temperature is too high, combustion can easily occur.

2 , the battery short circuit. General electric cars spontaneously ignite, people can easily attribute the reason to the battery. Take lead-acid batteries, even if the battery internal temperature is high, produce a lot of gas, it will be released through the exhaust hole, so it will not easily explode. Unless the battery has a long service life, the internal circuit is easily short-circuited, causing spontaneous combustion.

3 , charger mismatch does not match the electric car charger may also lead to electric cars caught fire. Nowadays, many households have more than one electric vehicle, and chargers of different brands of electric vehicles must not be mixed. This will not only damage the electric vehicle battery, but also bury potential safety hazards.

4 , excessive charging. Excessive charging is also the main cause of spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles. In general, an electric vehicle charging eight hours or so of electricity can meet the needs of users. In practice, many users simply charge the electric car overnight to save time, charge for 12 hours, or even longer. This will not only have no positive effect, but will reduce the battery's performance.

5 , voltage instability. When multiple electric vehicles are charged at the same time, it will lead to unstable voltage and cause safety accidents. In addition, some people like private cable charging, but also lay potential safety problems.

6 , charging environment. Many users do not have a dedicated electric vehicle charging station at their residence. Therefore, they can only store electric vehicles in stairwells, walkways, or push electric vehicles into rooms for charging. Once a fire occurs in an electric vehicle, flames and heavy smoke will block the building’s safe exits and escape routes, causing casualties and even group deaths.

Remind everyone:

1. It takes a long time to use the entire vehicle line for aging. It is recommended that the user should check the maintenance point periodically within six months to one year. In addition, after riding in hot weather, you should put the car in a cool place, wait for the temperature of the car and battery to come down before charging.

2, according to the relevant technical standards, ordinary electric car battery life of 1.5 years -2.5 years, it is recommended that users regularly replace the battery, and be sure to go to regular stores to buy matching the battery, do not choose inferior battery.

3 , different brands of chargers do not mix use, if the charger is damaged, please go to the regular shop to buy.

4 , to ensure that the electric car charging time, when the battery power to 70% -80% when charged in time, the general summer charge 6-8 hours, the winter charge 8-10 hours is appropriate, the battery should not be over-discharge.

5 , never pull the wire privately, charging at the regular electric car charging place.

6. Don't charge the electric car on the corridor, and don't park the electric car at the safety exit.

This article comes from Zhenjiang Fire Detachment.

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