House decoration process steps detailed rough house decoration according to this step to walk right

As we all know, the decoration of rough houses is very complicated and time consuming. Not only is there a lot of projects and materials involved, but also the construction sequence must be properly arranged. Procurement of various materials should be promptly entered. This will not delay the time limit, then, what is the rough room renovation steps? Here we come to a detailed introduction: the home improvement process steps explained in detail , hoping to help you.

Detailed housing renovation process steps :

1, detailed steps of the house renovation process --- measuring area

Before the renovation, we must first measure the area of ​​the house, especially the tile area, wall tile area, wall paint area, wallpaper area and floor area. Second, measure the size of the wall, especially the wall size of the furniture.

2, detailed steps of the house decoration process --- main demolition reform

At the beginning of construction, it is necessary to start with the demolition of the main body, including the demolition of walls, walls, shovel wall, change steel windows and so on. Then remove the garbage and keep it clean so that it can be started.

3、 Details of steps for house decoration process--- Hydropower reform

Before the hydropower reform, we must first determine the location of cabinets, stoves, water heaters, and other home appliances and furniture, and arrange the use of various space, and then carry out hydropower reform. Otherwise, once the wall tiles are attached, it will be difficult to install the sockets. Therefore, the exact positions of switches, lamps, basins, bathtubs, and washing machines must be determined.

4, detailed steps of the house decoration process --- bricklayers and painters debut

Before bricklayers enter the market, be sure to buy tiles, floor drains, etc. After the tiles come into play, they must be waterproofed and napped before they can be tiled. When tiling, the size of the basin and faucet must be determined, and the designer must be determined. Onsite measurement. In addition, you must also purchase wall paint, wallpaper, etc., and then painters enter the wall.

5, detailed explanation of the steps of the house decoration process --- installation of socket panel and kitchen ceiling

Before installing the socket panel, it is necessary to select the socket with the switch function, so that the home appliances can be exempted from plugging and unplugging, and the switch can be directly controlled. In addition, when installing the outlet, it is necessary to purchase a bathroom and kitchen ceiling for subsequent installation.

6, detailed steps of the house renovation process --- installation cabinets and finished doors

Before installing cabinets, it is advisable to arrange the hood, cooker, and sink. It is advisable to install the cabinet with the cabinet. In addition, the finished product door must be installed. Because the finished door installation procedure is complicated, it will inevitably collide with the floor. Therefore, priority is given to Floor installation.

7, detailed steps of the housing renovation process --- furniture, home appliances and cloth approach

After the above steps are completed, furniture, household appliances, and cloth can enter the market. Before the furniture enters the market, one-time shoe covers, several boxes of activated carbon, ladders, and floor protection films should be prepared.

The article is summarized: Well, on the detailed explanation of the housing decoration process steps introduced here, in fact, the decoration of the house is very simple, as long as the steps in the article can be completed step by step, but in the construction, we must communicate with the construction team, In order to avoid ambiguity, affect the decoration effect.

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