How long does it take to paint the wall?

How long does it take to paint the wall? Renovating and painting walls is a very important part of house decoration. In addition to the large area, most people will feel that as soon as the wall paint finishes the renovation period. So how long does it take to paint the wall?

It usually takes about 15 to 30 days. Because the construction time of wall painting is not only composed of the step of wall painting, but also related to other processes, and the influencing factors of these processes are also related to some uncontrollable factors, such as weather and climate. The steps of brushing the wall paint include gypsum to raise the yin and yang corners, fill in the vacancies, scrape the putty once or twice, and clean the base layer to brush the latex paint. Each of these steps must wait until it is dry before proceeding to the next step. If it does not dry out, a later wall crack will appear.

Generally, after finishing the wall paint, the first two days are the drying time. If the decoration materials are environmentally friendly, you can stay in a few days, but if there are pregnant women and children at home. Then you have to ventilate for at least 1 month before moving in, and ultimately depends on the environmental protection level of your decoration materials. If the decoration materials are polluted, it depends on when the measures you take to remove formaldehyde can make the index in the room meet the standard.

Editor's note: Before moving into a new house, it is best to use an instrument that measures formaldehyde for testing.

Pay attention to the maintenance after painting the wall. If you do not pay attention to protection, it is easy to cause the need for secondary painting.

After the wall is painted, it will be covered with a layer of adhesive paper for protection and color separation. Be sure to drop it if the wall is not completely dry. If the wall is completely dry and then removed, it is easy to make The wall is discolored and missing.

After painting the wall, be sure to close the doors and windows to prevent others from touching it at random, and keep the objects away from the wall away from the display. Don't clean the ground during the next time to avoid staining the wall.

When opening windows to ventilate, the walls are in a drying process, especially in winter. If the indoor temperature is too low, it will affect the film formation effect. Therefore, the indoor temperature can be appropriately increased to promote the film-forming effect.

When placing large-scale furniture, it is necessary to prevent it from rubbing against the wall. You can take appropriate protective measures on the wall before placing it.

Keep the wall away from open flames and water. The stained wall paint is contaminated, or the wall paint bulges due to prolonged water soaking.

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