How much is the price of decorative wallpaper? 3 practical ways to maintain wallpaper

Compared with other decorative materials, most owners choose to use wallpaper to decorate the walls of their rooms, not only because of the variety of wallpaper patterns, but also because it is easier and easier to lay wallpaper. But what is the price of the decorative wallpaper ? How do we maintain the wallpaper in normal use to extend its lifespan? Let's understand it with the editor.

1. What is the price of decorative wallpaper?

In fact, the price of wallpaper decoration will be affected by many factors, such as: brand, material, color, printing patterns, etc., these factors will cause their prices to vary widely. However, the price of home improvement wallpapers on the market is basically based on the volume. The common volume is about 5.3 square meters, and the price ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. So, what is the price of the decorative wallpaper? There is no fixed standard, and the specific one should be based on the actual purchase.

2. 3 practical ways to maintain wallpaper

a. Do not let the sharp corners of the table and chair face the wallpaper, as this can easily cause the wallpaper to crack, which can affect the overall aesthetics. Avoid blowing hot air against the wallpaper, because the wallpaper is prone to cracking and discoloration when it is heated, so when heating in winter, do not blow the heating equipment directly against the wallpaper.

b. The wallpaper wall surface should be cleaned regularly every day. If the wallpaper is not cleaned for a long time, the wallpaper will be too dark, and the stains are likely to penetrate into the wallpaper. It will be a lot of trouble to deal with it afterwards. It is recommended to use a feather duster or a small vacuum cleaner to clean it. For stains that are difficult to handle, you can use a sponge to dip the diluted detergent, and then wipe the sponge to wipe it, in order to prevent the wallpaper from mildew and discoloration.

c. If the wallpaper is warped, you can use a special wallpaper glue to brush on the back of the wallpaper, and then use a scraper to scrape and press to solidify. If foaming occurs, you can use a syringe to inject glue. Then, gently press down to wipe off the excess glue. In addition, when choosing wallpaper glue, be sure to choose environmentally friendly wallpaper glue, do not choose those with glue powder and glue, because it contains formaldehyde. Or you can choose those starch-free powders of vegetable starch.

Editor's remarks: Well, the price of decorative wallpaper and the method of maintaining wallpaper are introduced here. In fact, wallpaper has gradually become one of the indispensable items for people to decorate the house, but in addition to understanding the price and maintenance methods, it is also necessary to understand its purchase and installation, so that the home can be beautifully decorated .

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The price of decorative wallpaper

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