How to identify the authenticity of Nippon Paint

Since paints and coatings are one of the commonly used materials in home improvement, special care should be taken when purchasing. Most users will choose formal well-known brands when buying paints and coatings, so that their quality will be more guaranteed. So, how many brands Nippon Paint it? How to identify the authenticity of Nippon Paint it? Next and small series with a look!

How about Nippon Paint

1. Strong decoration and wide application

Nippon Paint has the decorative effect of imitating granite, marble, natural stone, etc., and its natural color and natural stone texture. Nippon Paint has so many advantages because it is made of natural colored sand and various additives. Nippon Paint can have a variety of line designs, and can also provide a variety of three-dimensional patterns, so its visual effect is very good, suitable for a variety of base surfaces, such as: foam, aluminum board, cement brick wall, plaster, glass, etc Can be used.

2. Water-based environmental protection, good stain resistance

Nippon Paint is very in line with the environmental protection requirements of modern people for home improvement, because its paint and coating are safe and environmentally friendly, and it also has anti-fouling capabilities. Most of the dirt cannot adhere to the surface, and it is as bright as new after rain washing, which is convenient for cleaning.

How to identify the authenticity of Nippon Paint

1. Look at the packaging

When buying Nippon Paint, it is recommended that you go to the building materials market or a regular Nippon store. Also, pay attention to the trademark of Nippon Paint and Packaging when purchasing, to see whether the information is complete, the font is clear, the appearance is not damaged or damaged, and also depends on whether the packaging bag has a clear production date, batch number and Production site, etc.

2. Look at the weight

When buying Nippon Paint, we can listen to the sound by shaking the paint bucket. If there is a whistling sound, it means that the paint in the paint bucket is insufficient, or its viscosity is too low, such paint can not be purchased. Normal regular Nippon paint can't hear sound when shaking.

3. Look at the barrel

When purchasing Nippon Paint, observe whether the barrel and the lid are matched. If it is not a fake or inferior product, otherwise it is a genuine product. Let's see if the lid of the bucket is too loose and there are traces of it being opened. If so, it means that the bucket of paint is definitely not a regular Nippon paint. Therefore, when buying Nippon Paint, even small details can not be ignored, so that you can buy regular Nippon brand products.

Article summary: How about Nippon Paint ? In fact, Nippon Paint is very good, not only healthy and environmentally friendly, but also highly decorative. I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of Nippon Paint by understanding the above, but when buying Nippon Paint, you must pay more attention to detailed observations so that you can buy regular and high-quality Nippon Paint.

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