How to move the sliding door and how to maintain it

Mobile sliding doors are very common in everyone's daily life, such as cloakrooms, wardrobes, toilets, etc. at home, are used in sliding doors. Although the sliding door is convenient, the biggest problem is that it is easy to damage. It often fails to pull. How do you get the sliding door to move ? The following editor will tell you how to move the sliding door and move it. How to maintain the door.

1. How to get the sliding door not moving

1. When the sliding door does not align with the slot, it means that the upper and lower slideways have offset the track. In this case, the sliding door will naturally not be able to push, so the pulley slider should be minimized to minimize friction You can only use force. The first thing you need to do is clean up the stains.

2. After the slideway is cleaned, check whether there is something obstructing the contact between the slideway and the pulley, thereby increasing the friction between them, such as plastic paper similar to transparent tape, or some places where skin explosion has occurred , If necessary, clean up all the debris.

3. Even if the sliding door appears sliding phenomenon, don't forget to deal with the switch. In the case of misalignment between the buckle and the slot, you need to find a way to adjust it. Generally, after adjusting the screw with a screwdriver, you can control the position of the slot.

4. After finishing, remember to clean the stains in the gap of the sliding door so that it can be used. However, if the pulley of the sliding door is damaged, you must find a professional to visit the door to replace the pulley, and don't disassemble it yourself.

Second, how to maintain the mobile sliding door

1. In daily life, the glass door panels of sliding doors are often wiped with a dry rag, and regularly wiped with diluted glass special cleaner or neutral detergent, and then dried with a dry cotton cloth.

2. The frame of the sliding door is mostly made of metal materials. Normally, yoga dry cotton cloth can be wiped. If you want to wipe with water, you should wring the cotton cloth to avoid damage to the metal surface. Aesthetics have an impact.

3. The track at the bottom of the sliding door is easy to deposit dust, which affects the sliding of the bottom wheel, thereby shortening the use time of the sliding door. In daily life, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the bottom track. You can use a damp cloth to clean the corners. The cloth can not use materials that will lose hair.

Editor's summary: The above is the relevant content of how to move the sliding door and how to maintain the mobile sliding door. I believe that after reading the above content, you already have some knowledge about the sliding door. Everyone should pay attention to the maintenance of the sliding door in the daily use process, so as to reduce the number of repairs and extend the service life of the sliding door.

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