Magnetic flap level gauge common troubleshooting method

Magnetic flap level gauge common troubleshooting method

With the development of modern industry, the magnetic flap level gauge is constantly innovating, and its application range is more and more extensive, which can be applied in various industries, but due to long-term use, it is inevitable that some small faults will occur. I will teach you some tips for solving these problems.

1. State adjustment method: Under normal circumstances, before the fault is determined, the components in the circuit cannot be touched at will, especially the adjustable device. Unless you have taken measures in advance, you can touch if necessary. Maybe after the change, sometimes the fault will be eliminated.
Isolation method: According to the flow chart of fault detection, the segmentation and encirclement gradually narrows the fault search range, and the signal comparison and component exchange can quickly find the fault. This method is safer and more reliable. Capacitor Bypass Method: If the circuit has an unusual condition, you can use this method to determine the approximate position.
2. Observation method: that is, using the organs such as sight, smell, touch, etc., the position where the level gauge malfunctions can be found.
3. Exclusion method: It is judged by plugging and unplugging the plug-in board and device in the instrument. If the instrument returns to normal after removing a certain plug-in board or device, then the location of the fault is here.
4. Percussion hand pressure method: When the general instrument is in operation, it is good or bad, and this method can be used for detection.

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