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The office decoration not only shows the overall mental outlook of the company, but also directly affects the enthusiasm of the employees. Therefore, the office is very important for a company. So, what are the main points of office decoration design ? Follow me to understand the relevant content of the office decoration design!

Office decoration design points: practical

In office decoration, special emphasis is placed on its practicality. If a beautifully decorated office is inconvenient to use, then employees are not willing to stay in the office. It should be noted that the decoration of the office must be simple and comfortable.

Office decoration design points 2: beautiful appearance

For companies, there are often strangers coming in and out of the company. If the office is poorly designed, I am afraid that no one will come to the company next time. Beautiful and elegant office decoration design can give people a good impression, and at the same time, it can show the company's generous feelings.

Office decoration design points three: neat and orderly

If an office is very confusing, it will make people feel that the company is very busy. At the same time, it gives the impression that there are no arrangements for doing things. Therefore, the office must be orderly and the distance between the desk and the desk must be the same. Because a neat office can win everyone's favor, it can better reflect the strength of the company.

Problems with office decoration design

One: mold

It usually appears on old walls or paints that have no antibacterial function and grow in long-term wet conditions. Solution: Use a wall paint with anti-mold properties; remove all the paint film, wipe the wall with a moldy solution, and apply it after drying.

Two: blistering

Before the paint finishes dry, moisture penetrates into the paint, causing the paint film to lose its adhesiveness and cause foaming. Solution: Avoid painting walls in the rainy season; use primers of the same brand and product line; local blistering can be scraped individually, and smooth the edges and apply a primer and repaint; Blisters must be completely scraped off, and the walls should be dry before construction.

Three: color change

Walls are exposed to strong light or are attacked by chemicals. Solution: The use of high-quality wall paint can make the walls both mildew-proof and anti-tarnish, while keeping the walls clean.

Four: Watermark

Due to moisture, its color is generally deeper than the original color. Solution: It must be ensured that the wall surface before painting is dry; if it occurs on the surface of old paint, it should be checked for external leakage or pipe cracking; large area watermarks affect the appearance, and the watermark source should be removed and eliminated until the wall surface is dry After the re-painting.

V: peel off

The main reasons for the loss of the paint surface are the following: the surface expansion or contraction of the object, dirt, grease, or powdering. Solution: Before painting, thoroughly clean and dry the walls, make sure that they are smooth and free from pores, and that all old powdery paint is completely removed.

6: Block

Because the wall surface did not dry out or foreign water infiltrated, a white crystalline substance adhered to the paint surface. Solution: Before painting, you must ensure that the wall surface treatment has exceeded 2 weeks; if it is under construction, stop it immediately and wait for the wall surface to dry and continue. If the paint surface has been brushed and split, you must scrape the paint. In addition, make sure that the walls are dry and repainted.

Editing summary: As we all know, the details determine the success or failure, so that companies must pay attention to every detail, not only the goods, but also the working space of the enterprise itself. If you say that a company missed a very good investor because its office decoration was not perfect, it really was not worth the candle.

Office decoration design

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