Rapid cultivation of vegetable in the greenhouse

Seed treatment Place the selected seeds in a clean container, then add warm water at 50 ° C for stirring, and let stand for a day and night. Remove the seeds and dry them, then pour the seeds into a solution of white wine and water in a ratio of 1:1, soak for 10 minutes, remove and dry.

The germination medicinal gauze is sewn into a cylindrical package slightly thinner than the thermos bottle mouth, and a long line is attached to one end of the mouth. Load the seeds into the yarn bag. Add half a bottle of warm water at 30 °C to the thermos bottle, then put the bag in the bottle and hang it (cannot touch the water surface), leave the long line outside the bottle and attach it to the handle, and fasten the stopper. Change the water every day in the future. When the seed is opened, the water temperature in the bottle is lowered to 25 °C. After all the seeds have been budded, they can be sown. Use this method to germination, tomato and pepper only take 4 days to 5 days, eggplant takes 7 days to 8 days.

A small amount of nursery seedlings can be used in waste enamel pots, and several bottom holes are made with nails. Fill the pot with cooked humus soil, soak it with the immersion method at the bottom of the basin, then spread the seeds on the soil surface, and evenly cover the seeds with fine soil, the thickness is about 2 times the diameter of the seed. Finally, it is covered with a plastic film and placed outdoors with sunlight. The next day, the seedlings are visible. A large number of seedlings can be used to build plastic arch shed nursery in the leeward sun. Apply the base fertilizer, finely and levelly, and pour the bottom water by dip irrigation. The sowing seeds are the same as the potting. Regardless of breeding or pot culture, avoid watering after sowing.

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