Rolling mill bearing features and protection instructions

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Rolling mill bearing features and protection instructions

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-05-11

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Features and protection of rolling mill bearings:
First, the rolling mill bearing features:
1. The roller and the raceway are touched by the line or the line is touched; the radial load can be large; it is suitable for receiving heavy load and impact load. The friction coefficient is more difficult to attack.
2, can be moved axially; can be used to change the relative orientation of the shaft and the shell caused by thermal expansion or device error; can be used for free end support.
3. The processing demand for the shaft or the seat hole is high; the relative deflection of the outer ring axis of the bearing device should be strictly controlled; avoid the formation of touch stress.
4, the inner ring or outer ring can be separated; easy to install and disassemble.
5, steel stamping cage, high-speed bearings or bearings that require smooth operation; use solid cages. According to the application and user needs; can also depict and supply cages with glass fiber reinforced plastic.
Second, the rolling mill bearing protection, overhaul and abnormal disposal:
1. In order to maintain the original bearing function in an outstanding condition for as long as possible; it must be protected, repaired, and prevented from accidents; ensure the reliability of work; improve productivity and economy.
2, to protect the work specifications of the most appropriate mechanical working conditions; timed. Contents include supervision of working conditions, make up or replace lubricants, time to open the view. Valve imported pump industrial washing machine
3, as a maintenance item in the work; there are bearing rotation, oscillation, temperature, lubricant status, etc.

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