Safety tips

1. How to prevent theft when sleeping at night

Remember to close the doors and windows, and if you find suspicious noises or dog bites, you should be more vigilant and look around. Valuables and clothing should be kept away from windows and kept in a safe place, not in a conspicuous place. Vehicles should be placed in back rooms as much as possible, and the habit of closing windows and locking doors should be developed to prevent burglars from entering.

2. How to prevent pickpocketing

Bring as little cash as possible when going out, and as little as possible in crowded places. Do not put cash directly in the pocket of clothes. Pay attention to the method of carrying the bag. Put the bag on your chest or under your eyes. Do not carry it behind your back or Straight in your hand, the waist bag should be placed between the waist and abdomen to prevent pickpockets from cutting and pulling.

3. How to prevent robbery and snatching while traveling

First of all, it is necessary to improve self-prevention awareness, and valuables should not be exposed. Secondly, you should carry your handbags, mobile phones, and gold necklaces close to your body, protect the items you carry with you, and do not place your bags and valuables at will. Third, on the way to travel, pay attention to the two people riding a motorcycle and trailing personnel. When passing through remote roads or areas with convenient transportation and sparse pedestrian cases, try to avoid walking alone.

4. How to prevent theft when no one is at home

Valuables and cash should be stored in an inconspicuous place. Avoid storing large amounts of cash at home. Passbooks should be stored separately from ID or other documents. Close the door, lock the anti-theft door, and anti-theft window. Pay special attention to the windows and exhaust vents in the kitchen and toilets. Whether it is strict.

5. How to prevent theft of motor vehicles and bicycles

Park the vehicle at night in the garage or the unit courtyard. Avoid parking indiscriminately. The vehicle should be equipped with anti-theft locks or ground locks. Do not borrow the vehicle casually to prevent others from stealing the car key. When buying a new car, be sure to install an anti-theft car lock, and develop the habit of stopping and locking at any time. In public places, it is best to spend money to park the car in the storage. If the parking time is longer, it is best to reinforce the anti-theft facilities, such as fixing the car lock on the object or placing it indoors.

6. How to prevent fraud in case of losing packets on the street, changing gold coins, selling drugs, etc.

Don't be greedy for small profits and make you foolish. If you can't judge the authenticity of the goods, don't buy them easily. The foreign currency scammed on the street is generally counterfeit or extremely valuable foreign currency.

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