Shanghai housing decoration company ranked Shanghai which decoration company is good

As we all know, Shanghai is an economically developed city. Therefore, more and more successful people will choose to buy a house in Shanghai. However, after the house was bought in Shanghai, the decoration has become a very tricky thing. So, what decoration company in Shanghai is good? Here we take a look at the Shanghai housing renovation company rankings, I believe there is always a decoration company can make you satisfied!

First, Tongji home decoration

In the ranking of home decoration companies in Shanghai , Tongji Home Decoration is one of the well-known decoration companies. It originated from Tongji University. Since 1996, it has established many well-known home improvement chain brands in China. Under the witness of time, Tongji Home Decoration now has more than 30 franchise companies in China.

Over the years, Tongji Home Decoration has become a country-wide hunger-hungry professional, high-end, mature home improvement brand. At the same time, it has won the "China's top 100 enterprises in the development of innovative industries," the national quality of residential decoration decoration industry integrity business, "Shanghai World Expo project "Building dedication awards" and "green home environmental recommendation companies" and other honors. It can be seen, this decoration company's strength is that we can not be underestimated.

Second, the ancient capital decoration

It is worthy of recognition that the ancient capital of Shanghai not only has professional management personnel, high-end interior design centers, famous construction personnel, etc., but also has very advanced mechanical equipment. It is precisely because of this that it has strong competitiveness in the industry. However, the ancient capitals are mainly designed for office buildings, high-end residential buildings, shopping malls, and hotels.

In addition, the ancient capital also has a creative interior design team. They are good at concentrating on the customer's life brand. While demonstrating the owner's personality, they also make full use of space and create a distinctive style. Therefore, it has won the praise of countless consumers and unconsciously improved the company's brand image!

Third, product decoration

This is a modern decoration company integrating professional design, construction and after-sales service. And it mainly upholds the "professional team, quality service," the spirit of enterprise, but also has a group of domestic high-level management personnel, high-quality design elite and outstanding construction team, can create a domineering and full of visual effects for the owners. Therefore, in the ranking of home decoration companies in Shanghai , I believe this company will definitely make everyone praise!

Among them, the dwelling decoration attaches great importance to the concept of home design, construction of full-fledged norms, etc., but also requires an ingenious combination of an international perspective and the local living environment. Its main purpose is to adhere to the belief that the design is a functional service and, on the other hand, to enhance the taste of the home environment!

Conclusion of the article: In the question of which decoration companies in Shanghai are good, after everyone has browsed the rankings of Shanghai's home improvement companies , is it right? The three Shanghai decoration companies above, each have some extraordinary skills, but at the same time they have There is a big difference in the concept of decoration, style, etc. Therefore, we still have to choose the right decoration company according to our hobby.

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