Shanghai Huikai supply oil-based steel plate slitting machine tension belt, dry steel plate aluminum plate slitting machine tension belt

Oil-based steel plate slitting machine tension station belt, metallurgical seamless pure PU winder belt

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Drive belt, timing belt, toothed belt, V-belt, etc.

Cold rolled metallurgical slitter belt

First, the structure of the slitter belt

The bottom layer is 1.2mm polyurethane strong tensile layer, the middle 2mm high elastic elastic base layer, the surface 2mm thick pure imported TPU wear-resistant elastic layer or leather layer total thickness is about 5.2mm. This structure is produced according to the structure of Japanese original belt.

Second, the technology of the slitter belt

The inner circumference of the belt has various specifications such as 1270 1410 1580 1680, and the non-standard size can be customized according to the customer's demand.

Third, the use of the strip machine belt:

Suitable for steel plate, aluminum plate aluminum foil, stainless steel plate, copper plate, automobile plate home appliance board and other metallurgical cold-rolled sheet slitting machine

4. Precautions for the normal use of cold rolled metallurgical strips:

1 Ensure that the bottom of the belt is always lubricated. Can not be short of oil, otherwise the life is greatly shortened

2, to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration system of the equipment, pay attention to the daily maintenance of the belt is conducive to extending the life

3. The front side of the slitting machine on the steel plate and the aluminum plate should be cut to reduce the damage of the belt by the burr.

4, the replacement of the belt is best to replace the whole set, or the upper belt with a half set of overall replacement to ensure uniform tension pressure

Industrial belt: conveyor belt (with rubber conveyor belt, silicone conveyor belt, PVC PVC conveyor belt, polyurethane PU conveyor belt; polyethylene PE conveyor belt canvas conveyor belt, etc.); flat high-speed base belt, V-belt, toothed belt, Variable speed belt, multi-ribbed belt, anti-slip tape, red rubber timing belt, sponge belt, chain net, steel buckle, synchronous wheel support, high-speed transmission, base belt, molded chain plate, steel plate conveyor belt, winder belt, slitter tension Belt printing machine guide belts and other scarce, non-standard belts maximize the value for customers, sufficient inventory in the conventional conveyor belt, fast service. At the same time, according to the customer's special use requirements, professional processing guide bar, bezel, skirt sponge, glue, slot, punch, edging, belt and other special processes.

Application industry: food processing, electrical appliances, wire and cable, printing and packaging, mechanical tires, textile printing and dyeing, wood industry, papermaking, automotive steel, tobacco logistics, airport transportation, aluminum production, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and other industrial and mining industries. Our company has long been providing quality services to Shuanghui Food, Master Kong Foxconn Group Baosteel Group Okamura International Jinguang Group Nanshan Group.

Ø Food industry: According to the standard of sanitary foods, there are mainly white food grade PVC packaging belts of different thickness, metal detector conveyor belt FDA grade contactable PU oil and corrosion resistant conveyor belt Teflon high temperature conveyor belt

Ø Aluminum profile industry: According to the vulcanization process of aluminum industry, our company mainly deals with high temperature medium temperature and low temperature seamless felt conveyor belt open felt conveyor belt blanket blanket with aging furnace sleeve and other aluminum conveyor belt aluminum plate slitting slitting machine Belt, winder belt.

Ø Automotive industry: including steel plate conveyor belts, flat belts, magnetic timing belts, belts, etc.

Ø Metallurgical industry: including seamless pure PU winder with steel plate conveyor belt PU or leather slitting machine tension belt cross-cut flattening machine with cutting conveyor belt, etc. (suitable for aluminum plate, aluminum foil, steel plate, copper plate, etc. Supporting use)

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