Shower door with skills shower door open how to choose

In order to have a better bathroom experience, everyone has done enough to decorate the bathroom. Wet and dry separation has long been a “standard” for bathroom renovations, and this cannot be separated from the help of shower doors. There are many types of shower doors, frameless, one-line, L-shaped... So, which kind of shower door is better?

First, the shower door with skills

1,Rectangular bathroom - L type, pentagonal, circular shower door

The common corner shower door is suitable for the bathroom of the rectifying type, and usually presents a triangular movement line configuration with the toilet and the washstand. The corner type can be divided into L type, pentagonal (diamond type), arc type, can be used with single door, folding door and double door design.


â–² L-shaped shower door, with open the door to create a comfortable line of entry and exit.


â–² Pentagonal (diamond type) shower doors are as spacious and elegant as hotel bathrooms.


â–² circular shower door, to avoid the feng shui problem people care about.

2, long-type bathroom - a font shower door!

The most common type of shower door, suitable for long-sized bathroom, is to install the shower door between two walls to distinguish between dry and wet areas, looks beautiful and beautiful, can be used with a single door The two-door, three-door design is itself the most spaceless shower door.


â–² A font shower door, a small amount of metal accessories, the appearance looks clear and stylish.

3, cylinder type shower door - bath shower double enjoy

If you want to keep your wet and dry separation and bathing enjoyment, but the number of pings is not enough to create an independent four-piece bathroom, then the owner can also choose the shower door on the cylinder and install the shower door directly on the bathtub to achieve both functions. .


â–²Cylinder-type shower door, small space to bathe and dry and wet separation can also be obtained!

Second, the shower door open way to choose

After choosing the shower door that suits the bathroom, the opening method of the door piece is also very important, which is the smooth movement of the shower space every day. The common can be divided into five forms, including: single-door, two-door, three-door, folding door, open the door, etc., it is recommended that the actual measurement to confirm the bathroom conditions, assess the fluency of the entry and exit lines, and then select the appropriate way to open the door.

1, two doors


The horizontal pull-type shower door that uses the hardware slide is a modern common form and is often matched with a font-type shower door to achieve the most space-saving effect. If the space is not wide enough, single doors, three doors or folding doors can be selected.

2, folding door


The folding door only takes up about the width of the single door, and will not be limited by the swing radius of the open door. It is often used with a corner type shower door or a small space type shower door.

3, single door


Although the shower door does not occupy the bathroom space, it can ensure that the water does not splash outdoors, but the worry is that if the family faints when showering, the stuck door can easily affect the rescue time; the sliding door shower door needs to be considered. There is ample slewing radius of the lining. The small drawback is that the water drips along the lintel to the outside floor.

4, three doors


The interlocking three doors can solve the problem of insufficient opening width, and are often used in bathroom with small area. At present, there are interlocking three-door shower doors that can switch bidirectionally to provide users with higher access elasticity.

5, open the door


When there are other devices on the left and right of the L-shaped shower door, which cannot be matched with any door opening method, the split-sheet design can be used to close the door piece on both sides to create an entrance line.

The above is about the shower door selection and match skills, I hope to help you. If you still want to learn more about the shower door, please pay attention to the website decoration information channel.

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