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The various wrenches have their own uses, the shapes of the wrenches are also different, and their uses are also very different, and the characteristics are also different. The various wrenches have their own uses, and the shapes of the wrenches are also inappropriate. The use is also very different, the characteristics are also different, the special wrench has its own advantages and its own shortcomings, the special wrenches each show their own advantages in their respective industries, special wrenches in the work It also plays a role that cannot be ignored. The special wrench is also diversified, and the name is also more interesting. Here are some common special wrenches, types and brief uses. Let us share them with our friends.
(1). Special Allen key: An L-shaped hexagonal rod wrench designed to screw the hexagon socket head cap screws. The model of the Allen key is in accordance with the size of the opposite side of the hexagon. The size of the bolt has the national standard. Uses: Specially used for fastening or disassembling round nuts on machine tools, vehicles and machinery. (2) Strike the plum wrench: The working end with twelve corner holes is suitable for occasions where the working space is small and the ordinary wrench cannot be used.

(3) Special combination wrench: one end is the same as the single-head wrench, the other end is the same as the wrench, and the bolts or nuts of the same specification are screwed at both ends. (4). Adjustable wrench: The structural feature of the wrench is that the fixed jaw is made into a flat jaw concave with fine teeth; one end of the movable jaw is made into a flat jaw; the other end is made into a concave jaw with fine teeth; Press the worm down and the movable jaws can be quickly removed to change the position of the jaws. The width of the adjustable wrench opening can be adjusted within a certain size range, and the bolts or nuts of different specifications can be twisted.

(5) Hook-type wrench: Also known as a crescent-shaped wrench, it is used to twist a flat nut with a limited thickness.

(6) Socket wrench: It is composed of a plurality of sleeves with hexagonal holes or twelve-corner holes and is equipped with various accessories such as handles and posts. It is especially suitable for the position where the twisting position is very narrow or deep. Bolt or nut.

(7). Tap the wrench: a fixed-size opening is made at one end or both ends to screw a nut or bolt of a certain size.

(8) Valve wrench, as the name suggests, is used to twist the valve wrench. The working end of the product is a four-corner hole. Use the lever principle to twist the bolt, screw, nut and other thread to hold the opening of the bolt or nut or the socket firmware. Hand tools. Wrench usually has a handle on one or both ends of the handle. Applying an external force to apply an external force, you can twist the bolt or nut to hold the bolt or nut.
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