The importance of safety footwear

With regard to protective equipment, most people think of hard hats, seat belts, and gloves. The safety shoes and safety boots used to protect workers' feet are often overlooked. In fact, when workers use tools, operate machines, carry materials, etc., their feet will contact with heavy, hard, angular objects at any time, so that they will be injured, stabbed, or crushed; and if the feet do not stand still, The body will lose its balance and change its normal posture, causing an accident. Therefore, protecting the safety equipment of the foot becomes very important.
Safety shoes are collectively referred to as safety footwear and protective footwear, and generally refer to footwear worn in different workplaces to protect the feet and legs from foreseeable injuries.
Safety shoes are high-tech and high value-added footwear products. The production process of safety shoes is very demanding on raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, and mechanical equipment. At present, many shoes with a certain scale and grade are produced in China. The company has turned its sights on safety footwear, a market area that was previously occupied by developed countries. According to the meaning of safety shoes, you can know that it has a variety of protection features:
1. Anti-mite adopts industry standard (protection toe safety shoes LD50-94), and protect the toe safety shoes with steel lining as the inner lining, which not only has static pressure resistance and impact resistance, but also has the advantages of stab-proof and anti-smashing. It is very safe. Inspection, pressure resistance is 10KN, impact resistance of toe cap 23KG impact hammer after falling freely from 900MM to impact toe cap, shoe deformation gap ≥ 15MM, mainly applicable to mining, mechanical construction safety, metallurgy, steel, port lifting and other heavy industry industries The shoes used for the protection of the toes are safe, with rubber and elastomer support, comfortable to wear, and do not affect the daily labor operation.
2. Anti-puncture protects the sole of the foot from sharp objects, and can withstand a maximum penetration force of 1100N. It is a national special standard.
3, anti-static shoes according to GB4385-1995 standard production, resistance value range of 100KΩ-1000MΩ, the product has a good breathability, anti-static, wear-resistant, anti-skid and other functions, mainly for aviation, aerospace hazardous companies played Avoid flammable and explosive accidents due to static electricity.
4, oil resistance in accordance with the oil standard test, the volume increase of no more than 12%. If the volume does not increase but shrinks, the shrinkage is greater than 0.5% of the original volume or the hardness increase is greater than 10 (Shore A), and the flexion growth of 40000 times according to GB/T3903.1 is not more than 7mm.
5, non-slip polyurethane molding a big bottom, unique bottom flower design, excellent anti-skid properties.
6, acid and alkali meet GB12018-89 standard requirements.
7. Insulated shoes can be used as auxiliary safety equipment and labor protection articles when working on AC 50HZ, 1000V or below or DC 1500V and below power equipment.
8, wear high quality soles, suitable for a variety of environments.

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