The problem of ball bearings for four-wheel drive

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The problem of ball bearings for four-wheel drive

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.1) Device: If the device is at the wheel axle; the device must be in place and parallel to the left and right; because the outer ring of the bearing is fixed to the chassis; and the inner ring is active; therefore, the wheel must not be pressed into the bearing. End face; between the inner side of the wheel and the side of the bearing, a gap of 0. 2-0. 5mm is left. If the guide wheel with a ball bearing is installed, it is necessary to use a special gasket with a step in the center; The guide wheels use two washers; clamp the inner ring of the bearing; and lock with a nut.
.2) normal protection: in the process of ordinary sports car; should pay attention to protection; if it is found that the bearing has changed the sound of rustling or is not very smooth; it is necessary to remove the bearing or guide wheel to remove; in addition to the sports car; Bearings add lubricant; to further reduce friction.
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