Use pesticides in summer to prevent poisoning

Summer is the high incidence period of pests and diseases, and it is also the season with the highest frequency of pesticide use. Proper use of pesticides in summer can not only improve the production efficiency of agricultural products, but also prevent crops and humans and animals from being poisoned. Kang Kegong, a plant protection expert at Yangling Vocational and Technical College, reminded farmers that it is necessary to pay attention to safety in summer.

Improve the utilization of open-air crops when using pesticides, should choose the type of pesticides that are resistant to erosion, such as emulsifiable concentrates. Such pesticides have a long residual time on the surface of plants, and powders and liquids are relatively poor. Corn, green onion, ginger and other crops have fluff or thick waxy layer on the surface of the leaves. The liquid is easy to form droplets on the waxy layer. It cannot fully contact the surface of the leaves of the plant. It can be added with additives such as silicone in the medicine. Increase the adhesion of the agent and enhance the effect of the drug.

Reducing the concentration and reducing the phytotoxicity Most pesticides will have enhanced efficacy under high temperature conditions. Therefore, the dosage of the medicinal solution should be reduced when using the drug in high temperature seasons, especially for hormonal medicinal agents. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the concentration of the agent according to the change in temperature.

Improve the spray quality When spraying the medicament, the pesticide droplets on the surface of the crop leaves can be limited. When the spray volume exceeds a certain limit, the fine droplets on the leaves will condense into large droplets, which will fall off and lose, and the leaves will adhere. The amount of pesticide is reduced. Therefore, when the pesticide is sprayed, the distribution of the droplets should be uniform, and it is better to moisten the surface of the plant without dripping. The atomizer effect of the sprayer required is good, and the waste of the liquid is reduced. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the comprehensive spraying, especially pay attention to the back of the leaf surface to spray, killing the eggs on the back of the leaves.

Reasonable spraying to prevent high temperature in poisoning in summer, the pores of the human body are open, and the pesticide is dripped onto the skin and easily inhaled into the human body. Some pesticides may also corrode the skin. Therefore, when spraying pesticides, try to choose long-sleeved pants. Also be careful not to wear chemical fiber clothes, because chemical fiber clothing has strong permeability, poor water absorption, poor anti-pollution ability, and is prone to infectious poisoning. In the summer, it is advisable to spray cotton clothes, and wear protective gloves such as masks and gloves. At the same time, it is forbidden to spray pesticides at high temperature during noon in summer. Summer spray: should be selected before 9 am or after 4 pm, continuous application time should not be too long to avoid the occurrence of phytotoxicity.

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