What is the non-touch sealing skill of rolling bearings?

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What is the non-touch sealing skill of rolling bearings?

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Commonly used non-touch seals include gap seals, oil seals and labyrinth seals. Because of the presence of voids; in addition to the seal of the oil seal; non-touch seals are often used in grease smoothing applications. Various types of seals can be combined and used.
Because of the sealed gap of the non-touch sealing device; there is no other conflict except for the internal conflict of the smoothing agent; therefore, the non-touch seal does not wear out; the application time is long and will not occur significantly. Temperature rise; can be applied to local areas with higher speed. However, the sealed gap should not be too large; otherwise the seal works very poorly.
Non-touch seal for bearing support:
Void seal: simple layout; can meet the sealing requirements under normal conditions. The selection of the gap e is d ≤ 50mm; e = 0. 25 ~ 0. 40mm, d > 50mm; e = 0. 25 ~ 0. 6mm.
Groove sealing: the groove is filled with smooth grease to make the dust difficult to invade; there are two ways of ring groove and spiral groove. There are usually three ring grooves. The groove width b=3~5mm, the groove depth t=4~5mm.
Labyrinth seal: When the labyrinth curve is filled with smooth grease; its sealing effect is better than the groove seal. The labyrinth seal can be divided into radial and axial modes. Selection of radial and axial gaps: d≤50mm; a= 0. 20 to 0. 30 mm; b = 1. 0 to 1. 5 mm, d = 50 to 200 mm; a = 0.30 to 0. 50 mm; b = 1.5 to 2. 0 mm.
Oblique labyrinth seal: used when the shaft deflection is large; the curved road slope can swing with the middle. The curved road that is sealed to the labyrinth can fill the smooth grease and reach a better sealing effect.
Stamped steel sheet labyrinth seal: a labyrinth seal consisting of stamped steel sheets; its stamped steel sheet can be mounted on the shaft or housing by cooperation; no axial fastening is required; the layout is simple. If the road is in the labyrinth of the stamped steel sheet Filled with smooth grease; has a good sealing effect.
The slinger seal: when the oil is smooth; the groove is opened on the shaft; or a ring is installed; the oil that is to be lost outward can be pulled out radially; the oil collecting chamber and the oil hole flow back through the bearing cover Oil pool. It is also possible to install an oil ring close to the bearing; this layout is often used in conjunction with the gap seal.
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