Wire and cable industry needs to pay attention to the three major problems of weak cables

The attention to special cables and high-end market is very helpful for the development of the wire and cable industry, but at the same time, attention must be paid to preventing over-promotion and chasing of cable products. We must not overlook some difficulties in the low-end market for weak cables.

In recent years, after research, it has been found that the cable in the wire and cable industry occupies a high-end position in the market. Among them, the weak cable is an important part of the wire and cable industry, but there are still many problems in the weak cable industry, such as in the malignant low-price competition In the middle, the development of weak cables has encountered a bottleneck that is difficult to break, and cable manufacturers, users, and related departments are in urgent need of solutions.

Weak cable products are used in a variety of areas for integrated wiring project design, including power, communications, control, security, and fire protection. Whether it is security communications, or electrical equipment and related weak electricity transmission, we need to use weak cable products. In particular, with the advent of the era of big data, the amount of information exchange is increasing. Weak cables, which are used for security communications, network communications, and related weak-electricity transmission applications, have a huge application market at home and abroad. According to relevant investigation reports, the output value of China's wire and cable industry in 2013 exceeded 1.3 trillion yuan, while the output value of China's weak cable industry is expected to exceed 1/3 of the wire and cable industry, that is, the annual output value of weak cables will exceed 400 billion yuan. .

Weak cables have some difficulties in the bottleneck that are difficult to break:

First, production of weak cable is relatively concentrated China's production of weak cable is relatively concentrated, so it has both advantages and disadvantages. The benefit lies in the early stage of the development of weak cables. Because of the high concentration of production, it can drive the rapid development of the weak cable industry in a region. The disadvantage is that when the weak cable industry develops to a certain stage, competition will inevitably become more intense. In the same way, due to the high concentration of regional production, the production companies are almost “know-how to know the bottom”, which not only has serious homogenization competition, but also lays a hidden danger for the price war.

Second, the low price, a large number of weak cables used in the construction industry is difficult to break through the key to low-cost competition is that weak cable products are mainly used in the construction industry, which includes the building projects of electricity, communications, control, security and fire protection and other important systems , coupled with the chaos of the cable used in the construction industry, after investigation found that there are even a lot of cable products purchased by the decoration staff or residents themselves, so it is expanding the arrogance of "low price is king." But it seems that no one has ever thought about the quality of cable products that can be purchased at ultra-low prices. Once there is a quality problem in such low-cost weak cables, the loss to users is not a small price difference. And it may be lost to the entire life!

Third, counterfeiting, quality is not guaranteed, market competition is strong With the rapid development of the domestic weak electricity industry, the original weak cable manufacturers have expanded their production capacity, and other cable manufacturers and some newly established companies have also joined in the weak electricity. Industry, market competition is intensifying. In order to increase market share and obtain a certain amount of living space, most weak cable manufacturers often adopt low-price strategies. However, the disadvantages of doing so are very simple, when the product's sales price has been close to or even lower than the actual cost of product manufacturing, some manufacturers in order to ensure profits, control costs, can only be used to cut corners, lack of rice yards, and other methods Maintain operations and production.

As mentioned before, in the face of a huge market, these difficult-to-break-through bottleneck of weak cables, in which low-cost competition has seriously hindered the development of weak cables. Enterprises should strive for sustainable development instead of simply competing for market at a low price. We must understand that price war will not only affect the development of enterprises, but even lead to the decline of enterprises. Therefore, we must reasonably regulate market competition, and allow companies to fully realize that low-cost competition cannot safeguard the long-term development of the company. In an era of rapid economic and technological development, companies should break through technological bottlenecks, master core technologies, improve cable quality, and reduce costs. Regulate domestic weak cable market and allow it to develop in a healthy and orderly manner. Enterprises should shape their brand in time, win with quality, and not engage in vicious competition.

All in all, the attention to special cables and high-end markets is very helpful to the development of the wire and cable industry, but at the same time it must also be guarded against excessive exaggeration and chase of cable products. We must not ignore the difficulties of weak cables in the low-end market. . We must know that when it comes to entering the high-end market, we have not yet grasped it. The low-end market is our real battlefield, and only if we win the battle in the low-end market first, can we have stronger strength to capture the high-end market.

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